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When you need standby generators Santa Rosa-based JW Hanson sells, installs and services them.

But don’t wait til the power goes out!

With California’s history of power outages, homeowners can protect themselves now with a whole-house, standby generator.

We provide service, scheduled maintenance and installation of generators, and recommend the Kohler line of quality products.

As Kohler dealers, we are able to offer the most reliable household generators at competitive prices.

Keeping your generator well maintained is the first step in assuring it will be up and running delivering clean power during an outage.

Considerations when Choosing a Home Generator

1. What are the benefits of installing a whole home generator?

Kohler generators Santa Rosa dealer

When buying one. you’ll want  a home standby generator, to:

  • Provide safe, clean backup power during electrical outages

  • Provide fail-safe assurance for family members with critical life-support equipment such as ventilators or oxygen equipment

  • Protect your home when you are away (keep the heat running so your pipes don’t freeze, keep your refrigerator and/or freezer running, etc.)

  • Safeguards against power surges when the electricity goes on and off

  • Keep your sump pump running to prevent flooding under your home

  • Maintain the comfort you expect in your home

2. What is the cost of installation?

Portable Generators can be purchased online or at your local “big box store” and would be set up directly by the client. Professional installation is not required or recommended, as there is no real installation required for Portable Generators.

Standby Generators can also be purchased online or at a “big box store” and installed by the client.

However, having a Standby Generator professionally installed will allow you the piece of mind that the installation is being done correctly!

You are not only dealing with high voltage electrical, natural gas or propane, but all the controls that are necessary for the unit to start up. A professional installation also allows for a longer warranty from the manufacturer and your professional installer will be able to take are of anything that might come up during the installation.

3. What will your fuel source be?

Natural Gas? Propane? What is the difference? Natural Gas does not require any tank refilling. The generator is connected to the gas line that serves your home and will run for as long as you need it.

When it comest to generators santa rosa, we provide generator installation santa rosa, sonoma county and marin county. 4. How much power does your home need?

How many bedrooms do you have? How many bathrooms do you have? What appliances do you want to back up? Is your furnace important? Is your air conditioner important?

As a Kohler generator dealer, these are all questions that we can help you answer during your consultation. We are happy to help you figure out what is important when it comes to properly sizing your new generator.

5. How do Standby Generators work?

When your utility power Is lost, the generator senses the disruption. If your generator has an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), the generator will automatically switch your home power over within 10 seconds. If you have a manual transfer switch, the generator will need to be switched over manually.

Once the utility power is restored, the ATS will disengage and the generator will switch off. If your generator does not switch over manually, the homeowner will need to turn off the generator when the power is restored. Your generator will run a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly exercise to ensure readiness when an emergency arises.

6. Do you need a portable or a standby generator? What is the difference?

Portable Generators are great for travel or recreational activity, but is it the best decision for your home?

For home use, portable generators can be sized to allow you to power just the necessities when the power goes out, such as the refrigerator and freezer. As a consumer, you would plug your appliance into the generator and run as long as necessary.

They are generally gas driven, and the fuel must be maintained if it is running for a long period of time. Standby Generators are great for residential or commercial use.

Standby Generators are permanent pieces of equipment that are sized properly in order to power your entire home when the power goes out. They are tied into your existing gas source (natural gas or propane) and can be set up to switch over the power automatically when the power goes out.

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