COVID 19: Update

At JW Hanson Heating and Air, we take the health of our customers and employees very seriously. In continuing to provide the highest quality service during this time, we will be taking some extra precautions to ensure health and safety for everyone.

  • We are closely monitoring the health of all our employees and allowing only those that have no symptoms to provide service.

  • We are conducting rigorous hand hygiene and training from a healthcare professional.

  • Technicians will be wearing nitrile gloves for all calls.

  • We are providing N95 filtration masks for all employees.

  • We are sanitizing all tools used between service calls. We are practicing social distancing

JW Hanson is committed to your health and safety. We are setting these measures, and many others, in order to maintain our mission of providing high-quality service and keeping our customers healthy and comfortable.

Office Hours will be reduced to:
Monday – Friday 8am-12pm
Emergency Service will take priority