Pets are wonderful companions that bring a lot of joy to us. However, having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. One important part of pet ownership is ensuring that excess pet hair and dander don’t lead to severe problems in your HVAC system. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips you’ll need to follow if you have pets.

1. Keep Filters Clean

Most HVAC systems have filters to catch pet hair, dust, and other allergens to ensure these aren’t released into the air. The filters will get dirty faster if you have pets in the home. Instead of following a standard schedule, check the filters weekly to ensure they are clean. It’s best to opt for reusable filters so you can rinse them off and put them back.

2. Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Pets can significantly increase your energy bills. You’ll likely have to spend more money because the additional hair and dander can put more strain on your HVAC system. Then, it requires more energy to give you the same results. According to Energy Saver, switching to energy-efficient AC options can help reduce energy usage by 20 to 50%, and this change is especially worthwhile for pet owners.

3. Groom Pets Regularly

Heading to your local pet store or groomer for regular grooming can work wonders for your HVAC system. Grooming sessions remove excess hair, ensuring that you don’t need air duct cleaning services as often. You’ll also notice that the filters on your system don’t need to be cleaned as frequently.

4. Maintain a Proper Cleaning Schedule

There are some services, like cleaning a reusable filter, that you can do yourself. Other services, like air duct cleaning, call for a professional. How often you need your ducts cleaned depends on how many pets you have. Contact a local business to ask for a recommended schedule. Then, ensure you keep up with regular cleaning.

5. Vacuum Regularly

An easy way to ensure pet hair and dander don’t make their way into your ducts is by cleaning it up regularly. Invest in a vacuum cleaner that can easily pick up pet hair. Consider purchasing additional attachments to clean furniture. If you have wood floors, use a mop regularly to pick up extra dander your vacuum might miss.

6. Perform Annual Maintenance

Alongside regular cleaning, it’s essential to schedule annual HVAC maintenance. Pet owners with multiple pets must consider bi-annual maintenance due to the additional strain on the HVAC system. A professional HVAC company will carefully check your entire system to ensure all the components work correctly.

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